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NAATI CCL Hindi Language

Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language. It is the main language in India. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world with about 182 million native speakers in 1998. The Devanāgarī script is used to write Hindi. Previously Hindi was known as Hindui.
Hindi is widely written, spoken and understood in North India and some other places in India. In 1997, a survey found that 45% of Indians can speak Hindi. Want to prepare for the NAATI CCL Hindi Language Test? Enroll in our course now!


Once Enrolment is complete, each student is assigned to a trainer who then communicates with the student directly. Our students are added to our class WhatsApp group where they stay connected with their trainers and can ask questions 24/7. In addition to this, CCL Training Centre provides all students with practice materials including audio clips of dialogues, its scripts in the given language enrolled in and a set of important vocabulary lists.

  • Session Description: The students are introduced to the NAATI CCL Course through the following:
  • Exam Structure
  • Marking criteria
  • How the exam is conducted
  • Example of exam materials
  • Demonstration of interpretation by our trainer

Students are then given in introduction on how to master key interpreting techniques including time affective note taking strategies, building short term memory and accurate delivery methods.

Our sessions follow an interactive class strategy, where all individual students are required to participate. Each session consists of around 2-3 dialogues played live in class, with each dialogue segment students are assigned by our trainer to answer individual segment in real time. This gives the student an opportunity to get feedback from our trainer who then identifies the errors made by the student. This helps both the student understand where they require to improve, and the trainer to provide with individual remedial strategies on how to overcome them.


Who is the course for?

This course is designed specifically for people who are looking to migrate in Australia and require 5 crucial points from NAATI CCL Exam. Upon successfully completion of this course, you will be able to clear NAATI CCL exam in first attempt & claim 5 points for your Australian permanent residency.


Detailed Session Structure:

A total of 8 sessions that cover 12 domains in total. 6 sessions for live classes, and 2 individual sessions for mock tests and immediate result with a feedback session.


  • Introduction – Covers exam structure, marking criteria, answering techniques & setting up equipment for the test. Explanation of the interpretation required, how the exam is structured between mainly two individuals, trying to deliver a set of information, discussing a decision or exchange of information.
  • Community & Social Services: Dialogues consisting of conversations related to Centrelink allowances and pensions, aged care and miscellaneous community services such as community gardens, public libraries, swimming clubs, childcare etc.


  • Housing & Settlement: Dialogues related to pertaining accommodation issues included but not limited to utility connections, repairs, buying/selling property, tenancy issues, public/refugee housing & emergency shelter.
  • Immigration: Dialogues mainly comprising of topics related to visa issues such as enquiring about applying for certain visas, sponsoring relatives, customs/airport entry interviews etc.


  • Health: Dialogues predominantly involved with doctors/nurses and patients discussing symptoms, treatments, medical prescriptions, blood tests and general health/wellbeing.
  • Employment: Dialogues with conversations and interviews between employers/recruitment agencies and LOTE speaking applicants.


  • Insurance: Dialogues related to insurance claims, enquiries about insurance packages and changing covers.
  • Financial/Banking: This topic covers enquiries about opening bank accounts, setting up a new business, applying/enquiring about loans & financial counselling.


  • Consumer Affairs & lifestyle: Conversations between shop owners and customers about buying products, returning faulty products, complaints, claiming refunds etc.
  • Education: Dialogues about admission enquiries in schools & universities, parent-teacher meetings etc.


  • Legal/Police: Covering dialogues about reporting crime, infringement of traffic laws, domestic/family violence, mediation and applying for compensation.
  • Revision: Detailed Revision, reflection on what skills and techniques learnt over the past weeks, what to focus on for individual students.


  • Mock tests are conducted one-one with each student. This provides the students with the same environment as the actual exam. It builds their confidence and allows them to perfect their timings and strategy. This has been proven to really help the students prepare for what is ahead, understand the implications and strategies that have been taught and how the course has actually helped them develop their skills.


Meet the trainer

NAATI CCL Hindi Language Trainer Image
Ritesh Thakur
A NAATI certified para-professional Interpreter since 2017. He comes with extensive experience in professional interpreting in vast-ranging interpreting scenarios with expertise in legal/courtroom interpretation. Has been training interpreting students since the inception of NAATI CCL in January 2018, and has by now trained well over 900 students with a high success rate.
He feels his success with students' result has been because of understanding the abilities of the students, sharpening their strengths and working on their weaknesses. His classes contain continuous feedback to students on how they are performing as per the bench-mark required for the NAATI CCL Test.
Outside interpreting, Ritesh is a professional accountant and he says he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

What students are saying

Yash patel: NAATI CCL Training Centre Hindi Student
Yash Patel
Hindi Language
It’s a right place to get training for naati... they have amazing staff and they make sure that you will prepare very well even in short time before exam... no doubt it’s really worth it.
Facebook Review
Priya Minhas: NAATI CCL Training Centre Hindi Student
Priya Minhas
Hindi Language
Thank you SANA for your extra work and effort.Preparing me for this exam has required additional time above and beyond your own workload, and i wanted to let you know i am grateful for that. It really shows how you’re in this job for the good of the students. Thanks
Facebook Review
Sanjana Pacharne: NAATI CCL Training Centre Hindi Student
Sanjana Pacharne
Hindi Language
I would like to thank Sana and Ritesh sir for teaching me and helping me to pass Naati. For Hindi Sana and Ritesh sir are very knowledgeable and they focus on students personally to make sure that we are working on our weakness and the tips that Sana gave me really helped me in this exam.
Facebook Review
Glisam Lusbo: NAATI CCL Training Centre Hindi Student
Glisam Lusbo
Hindi Language
Highly recommend CCL Training Centre for CCL exam training. Online sessions are great. Arushi Nagpal, my tutor for online one on one session is very professional and trained me very well which helped me to pass the exam with an excellent score.
Google Review
Sanjay Meena: NAATI CCL Training Centre Hindi Student
Sanjay Meena
Hindi Language
Teaching instructions and prep for the exam were very good . I prepared for only one month and with good guidance , I scored well .
Google Review

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